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Save money on your next trip with a donated or lightly used recreational vehicle or insurance salvage RV!

Learn More About Used Salvage RVs for Sale!

Many years of experience in used RV’s, insurance, damaged and salvage Rv’s!

Local auctions can get you a cheaper RV

Salvage RV Camper has clean title and salvage vehicles for private, recreational, and commercial use. Available to anyone who wants to use, rebuild, dismantle or export these RVs. These online auctions are refreshed and updated constantly so be sure to check back often to find the right RV for your needs. Click here to view the current auctions.

What makes us stand out?

Insurance and salvage RVs at a fraction of the cost

It’s a clear fact that a recreational vehicle is a large purchase. It’s not always easy to find a deal on a new RV, even when you know where to look. However, not many people consider the benefits of salvage RVs or RVs being sold by insurance companies. These vehicles sell for much cheaper and only need some fixes and repairs.

Salvage Vehicle

Salvage RV Camper helped me get a new RV for far less than I thought it would be. Donated vehicles are the way to go when you are on a budget. Once we fixed it up, my family fell in love with the vehicle!

Sonia Donovan

I spent what felt like ages looking for a good RV. From here I was able to find a bunch of great RVs near me and found the perfect one. I wish I’d visited this site first and saved myself the time.

Wayne Macfarlane

After a friend recommended I try using the internet to find an RV, I used Salvage RV Camper to track down an RV that matched my needs an was within my budget to purchase/fix.

Roger Dennis