//Making Your RV Trips More Fun

Making Your RV Trips More Fun

Going on RV trips with the family can be a great experience. However, it’s easy for it to become a stressful one too. What can you do to make sure everyone has a good time?

The first step to planning a trip that everyone enjoys is to let everyone help plan. They’ll like the trip more if they feel like they have more input on it. Get a list together of everything everyone wants to do and find a way to do most of it. If it’s all something different, try to get at least one or two things from each person. Even simple things like playing games, campfire cooking or just spending time together in the outdoors can be part of this list and may even be more fun than your destinations.

Everyone can contribute when it comes to preparing for the trip or the RV itself too. Whether it’s shopping for supplies before the trip, packing or making a list of necessary items. After your trip, it will be easier to get everyone to help when cleaning up (after campfires or taking down tents) if they feel more like they contributed to the beginning of the trip. With children who are old enough, you can also show them how things work around the RV.

While it’s a good idea to have a plan in mind, be aware that things may change. Weather, flooding or any other cause that you can’t control may effect what you want to do on your trip. In that case,have a back up plan of what to do instead, even if it’s staying in the RV. Have something in your recreational vehicle that you can have fun with in a pinch. Board games, books, movies and music can be a major difference between a saved trip and a ruined one.

After the trip, the best thing to do is find out what everybody liked. You’ll enjoy the memories and pictures more when recapping them with family. When you know what was the most enjoyed, you’ll be able to plan another great trip with everything your family will enjoy.

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